Sombers Lab

Current Members

Researcher Bios

Leslie Sombers, Principle Investigator

Dr. Sombers heads our interdisciplinary lab researching the intersection of neuroscience and neurochemistry. After acquiring her Bachelor’s and Masters from the College of William and Mary, she completed her PhD at Pennsylvania State University with a post-doctoral position at University of North Carolina.


GRegory McCarty, PhD

Dr. McCarty received his B.S., M.S., and PhD from Penn. State University to complete the full trifecta of licences. He’s a professor at N.C. State while conducting research on neurochemical detection using FSCV.


Christie (Lee) Randall, M.S. - Lab Supervisor

Christie assists in administrative aspects of the lab and investigates real-time fluctuations of mesolimbic dopamine (DA), glucose, and opioid neuropeptides like enkephalin (ENK).  She enjoys time with her family and photography. 


Sarah Calhoun, PhD Candidate

Sarah works on refining potential waveforms to detect new neuropeptides like met-Enkephalin. Her work has increased the number of analytes observable by voltammetry and amperometry. Currently she is working on detection refinement and selectivity. She enjoys time with her family and fly fishing.


Carl Meunier, PhD Candidate

Using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Carl has modeled improvements on characterizing electrodes with respect to their sensitivity, fouling, and expected in-vivo performance. He also works on refining electroactive films for coating sensors to improve their response and resistance to biological fouling.


J. Dylan Denison, Graduate Student

Dylan comes from the frozen tundra of “Michigan,” an exotic land of many lakes & swamps. He’s working on electrode characterization, peptide detection, and cellular dynamics. He hoards books, draws cartoons, and likes to physically run away from his problems.

Alex Forderhase.jpg

Alex Forderhase

Alex is from west Tennessee, where she graduated from Union University with a BS in chemistry. She joined the lab in Fall 2018, and her research includes fabricating enzyme-modified microelectrodes for detecting non-electroactive neurotransmitters. Outside of research, Alex enjoys reading, watching comedies, and going to concerts. 

Eli K.png

Eliska Klimentova

Eli has a degree in Neuroscience from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. She has started her PhD in Sombers lab in summer 2018, focusing on alternations in the stimulated dopamine release in response to neurodegeneration. In her free time, she enjoys working out, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and spending time with family and friends.  


Tooba Rashid, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Tooba is a senior at NC State. She is currently applying to medical schools and hopes to work as a physician. Currently her work focuses on impedance spectroscopy and how electrode parameters influence their recorded signals. Tooba also enjoys photography.

Hanna Styers.jpg

Hanna Styers, Undergraduate Research Assistant

Hannah Styers is a sophomore at NC State majoring in Biochemistry. She plans on pursuing a career in the medical field. The research projects that Hannah focuses on include fabrication of enzyme-modified electrodes for selectively detecting analytes and monitoring M-ENK fluctuations in the brain to better understand addiction and behavior affected by opioid neuropeptides. When Hannah is not in the lab, she enjoys supporting the Wolfpack athletics teams, finding new places to eat, and traveling.