Sombers Lab

Dr. Philip Bradford and Dr. Yuntian Zhu

SEMs of carbon nanotube yarn material and disc electrodes.

Schmidt A.C., Wang X., Zhu Y., Sombers L.A. Carbon Nanotube Yarn Electrodes for Enhanced Detection of Neurotransmitter Dynamics in Live Brain Tissue. ACS Nano.2013, 7: 7864-7873.


 Dr. Philip D. Bradford

College of Textiles, NCSU
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Carbon nanotubes offer unique qualities advantageous for several FSCV projects. We are working with Prof. Yuntian Zhu of NCSU Materials Science & Engineering as well as Prof. Philip Bradford of The College of Textiles to get a better understanding of how nanoscale carbon materials can be used in microelectrodes to advance electrochemical sensing.

Dr. Yuntian Zhu

Department of Materials Science & Engineering, NCSU
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